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A Model of Unsubsiding Intricacies
A Model of Unsubsiding Intricacies
Foam board attached with wood glue
60" x 24" x 38"

A Model of Unsubsiding Intricacies is not a finalized sculpture: it is a non-kinetic foam board model for a collapsible sculpture made of wood or metal. The rhythmic form of this work bisects a tall, skeletal frame decorated with tapered cross beams. The structure follows a strict geometric pattern that occupies a cubic volume with an easily identifiable length, width, and height– each of which is a representation of directionality of the three cartesian axes (x, y, and z, respectively). The cross beam components were introduced for structural support, but more were added to create an intricate, undulating pattern that celebrates its decorative merits as it intersects and supports the structure.

Yet, all of this work’s components– the structural and decorative alike– adhere to geometric patterns. The rigidity of the sculpture eliminates any spontaneous elements– like rearrangeability– that confront the geometric organization of space. If complex movable parts are amended onto its final version, I am confident that this work’s unhindered range of kinetic motion will foster an environment of instability and uncertainty in which to analyze the Cartesian coordinate system as a rationalized definition of space. My current studio focus is expanding this work into wood and movable components.