Artist Statement
To question the stability of architectural forms, bodies, and memory, I generate modular, rearrangeable sculptures. My chosen medium is often wood and sewn form; additionally, I employ performance, mold-making, and assemblage. These movable sculptures are made of a compilation of frame-like forms. I utilize negative and positive space, which is reminiscent of the duality of presence and absence during day-dreaming or dissociative states.

The sculptures rely on elements that tether them back to the real, embodied world. For example, in Playing in the Skeletons of Construction, handmade wooden hinges connect the artwork to the existing gallery architecture. A found chessboard serves as an identifiable object amongst its more abstract counterparts in Material Snapshots. These points of connection reference therapeutic exercises which perform this same tethering of a body to the physical world.

The installation of sculptures onto specific architectures celebrates queer tendencies to disrupt the economy of space. My work reconfigures itself through movable components, which insert queer narratives directly into institutional spaces which are broadly run by heteropatriarchal forces.

Artist Bio
Jules Koreman is a born and raised Chicagoan. They are a sculptor based in Hyde Park and are influenced by the construction skills they learned while helping their parents rehab their childhood home. They are interested in generating modular, rearrangeable sculptures that question the stability of architectural forms, bodies and memory. For fun, Jules likes to garden on their balcony, ride in the passenger seat on road trips, and collect rocks on Loyola Beach.

Jules recently completed their MFA at the University of Chicago and received a BA in Studio Art and Chemistry from Kalamazoo College. Their work has been exhibited at Hyde Park Art Center, South Shore Cultural Center, New York Arts Program, and Stay Home Gallery. They have attended ACRE Residency, Bridge Program Residency at Hyde Park Art Center, and Field/Work Residency at Chicago Artists Coalition. Their curational projects include: “It Be Like That Sometimes” at Hyde Park Art Center and “TBD… Nevermind” at Kalamazoo College Light Fine Arts gallery.