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The Door: A Prelude
Concentric pine wood frames attached with 1” hinges
Dimensions vary from the standardized measurements of an American door (80 x 32 x 3”) to 75 x 32 x 200”

The Door: A Prelude, 2018.
Concentric pine wood frames attached with 1” hinges
Dimensions vary from 80 x 32 x 3” to 75 x 32 x 200”
Photographed outdoors by Lori Wolan for the collaborative project, ART IN PLACE, between CNL Projects and Terrain Exhibitions

The Door: A Prelude was the first work created for the Collapsed Linear Borders series that contains the works Unsubsiding Intricacies, Fibonacci's Skein, and The Fib Unheard. The Door: A Prelude is comprised of two larger, door-like components built from concentric, wooden rectangular frames that fold into a single plane. The door-like form of this work acts as a metaphorical entryway – a visual introduction – to this series’ exploration in defining space through the context of geometry.

This work is sized to the standardized dimensions of an American door– a product of geometric thought that determines both of the principles of navigation and ownership. Yet, the mechanics of this piece contradict the function of a door. The work’s components swivel by hinges positioned along a horizontal – rather than vertical – axis while employing asymmetric unfolding of a seemingly symmetric structure. These formal features stress the implications of ambiguity that arise through common architectural elements that not only shape our physical world, but our performance as we decide which doorways we maneuver through and those we pass.